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From: Jamie Young

Dear Friend,

Are you an aspiring adult performer? Would you like to develop a career in the adult industry? There is plenty of opportunity for you as a transgender woman in this field. You may work as an adult film actress, an exotic dancer, a high class escort, a Vegas showgirl, and/or a webcam model.

Over the past several years, we have received many inquiries from male-to-female transgender girls on how to break into the adult entertainment industry, specifically – Webcam Modeling.

We are proudly to introduce you a new eBook called How to Become a TG Webcam Model and several bonus eBooks.

People demand sex and nakedness. You know it is true. People want to see lots of bare skin in music, television, clothing, social trends and even government policy. People want skin all the way and from every angle. You also know it is a fact that there are so many men out there who are willing to pay good money to see feminine beings taking their clothes off.

Being a webcam model is a stress free job and can be a lot of fun.


In this economy we have today, jobs are hard to find, so a lot of women, both genetic females and transgender females, have turned into the adult entertainment industry, such as adult films, exotic dancing, high class escorts and of course webcam modeling. Most people I know all agree with us that webcam modeling is by far the easiest to do and you can work anywhere as long as you have a webcam and a computer with high speed Internet.

We personally have friends who have been webcam models for a long time and we know they make a great living from doing it. Some of these girls had good day jobs as nurses and secretaries. Many of these girls even quit their day jobs once they realized how much more money they could make as webcam models.

I have also enjoyed working as a webcam model.

I would like to share with you a personal story of mine. I used to love chatting with strangers from around the world on this large public video chat network called Camfrog.

What happened was that since I could pass as a woman, often I would get men asking me for my PayPal email address because they wanted to pay me money to perform striptease for them in private chat rooms. It was unbelievable. Even after I told them I was actually a cross dresser, not a genetic girl. To my surprise, it turned them on even more.

Because of this, I decided to become a webcam model myself. I averaged about $900 to $1,200 a week. That is because I went online and put in the time. You can make that and more doing this, but you must put in the time. If you only put in 2-3 hours a week you cannot expect to make that kind of money.


I worked about 30 hours a week online, I always had a smile, very flirtatious and had a positive mind. When I got online to perform I went with the intent of making money and that was it. It is just like being your own boss. You also need to have some sexy clothing, a few toys and a clean room to perform in.

These few things are just some of the factors for becoming successful as a webcam model.

There is always money to be made.

Recession or no recession, there is always money that is waiting to change hands. When the economy is down in the dumps, the entertainment industry thrives. Why? Because people who are stressed out seek ways to make themselves feel better, they want reward themselves for all the hard work they do and sacrifices they make. Inside a webcam chat room, that reward is you. Customers want access to your beauty, smiles and sensuality. Offer your client the encouragement and reassurance of his self-worth, and he will reward you with money in return.


The following provides you a brief idea of content in the “How to Become a TG Webcam Model” eBook…

By following my techniques, you will be able to make money online as a webcam model in no time.

  • Why Become a TG Webcam Model – You will learn the beneifts and advantages of becoming a webcam model as a transgender woman.
  • The Transgender Niche – You will be surprised how popular this particular niche is.
  • What You Can Earn as a Webcam Model – Once you know the kind of money you can make as a TG webcam model, it will motivate you to work even harder.
  • How to Pick a Webcam Modeling Company – Choosing a reputable webcam modeling company is very important.
  • Your Name and Online Persona – Here you will learn how to pick a name and create your own online persona as a TG webcam model.
  • What Equipment You Need – I will share with you the popular equipment that professional webcam models use to become successful.
  • What Toys You Need – I will share with you the type of toys your customers will love to see you playing with.
  • How to Market Your Webcam Business – Promoting your webcam business is important if you want to make a lot more money.
  • How to Perform Webcam Shows – Performing a webcam show is more than just about taking off your clothes.
  • How to Accept Payments – I will teach you how to accept money. Very important.
  • How to Keep Your Customers Coming Back – Keeping your customers coming back will help you generate a steady flow of income.
  • Safety and Health Issues for Webcam Models – Like all professions in the adult industry, you need to learn the safety and health issues regarding the field of webcam modeling.
  • And More – Over 80 pages of information I will share with you.

Testimonials from fellow TGs who recently became webcam models

OMG! This kind of money is so easy to make! Why I never thought of doing this before! I should have become a cam model a long long time ago so I could start my transition earlier with the income cam modeling earns me! Darn it! Thx!


— Jessie, Ohio

I’m making about $200 a day now and feeling sexy doing it. Thank you for the excellent info. Doing this also motivates me to lose some weight and stay in shape and maintain my appearance all the time.

— Heidi, Alberta

I was very nervous the first few times I performed for strangers in front of the camera but now I am a pro. Most customers are true gentlemen and very polite. There are some rude pigs once in a while but it doesn’t bother me at all because I used to be a member of the male species so I totally understand.

— Lizzie, Western Australia

I didn’t know there has been such a huge demand for trans webcam models. I ain’t even that passable but I do know how to act feminine in front of the camera. This job is supplementing my income from my day job. I think I’ll eventually do this full time.

— Bridget, England

I just want to say thank you! I now am making money again after being unemployed for nearly a year but never thought of doing this to earn money. I really never never thought of becoming a webcam model performing in front of a camera online and all and never realize I could actually do it. Amazing! I just hope less TG girls join the industry so more money for me! LOL!

— Ingrid, California

I will also send you these 4
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Bonus #1:
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How to Become a TG Adult Film Actress


If you are reading this, you must be fantasizing about becoming a beautiful TG adult performer and you want to have millions of men and even women lusting after you and masturbating to you as you show off your beauty and sensuality on screen.

There are many successful transgender adult film actress, e.g. Sarina Valentina, Kimber James, Venus Lux and etc. Learn how you can also join the industry and become successful just like one of them..


Bonus #2:
($15 value; yours FREE)

How to Become a TG Escort

New Identities

I know a lot of people, both genetic women and transgender women, who dream of having everything their hearts desire, but realize that their dreams are very out of reach. Becoming a high class escort will allow you to achieve your material needs. Being an escort is a career that comes with both great monetary gains and high sexual satisfaction if you know what to do, what to expect and are aware of the realities and the risks involved in this line of work.

Not only the use of paid sexual services is a more prevalent practice than you think, you would be surprised that there are actually a lot of men or even women who would pay to experiment with a transgender escort.


Bonus #3:
($10 value; yours FREE)

How to Become a TG Exotic Dancer

Female Voice

So, you are wondering how to become a stripper at a club, and wondering what it takes to work as an exotic dancer? I have seen both genetic women and transgender women who managed to escape from their everyday, boring, mundane jobs by becoming exotic dancers.

Nowadays, strip club owners often complain about the shortage of dancers so they even run permanent WANTED ads in the papers and offer their potential dancers hourly wages and even benefits. If you are fit and passable, most strip clubs will be desperate to hire you. .


Bonus #4:
($10 value: yours FREE)

How to Become a TG Vegas Showgirl

Female Hormones

If you have ever thought about putting elaborate costumes and dancing in front of crowds every night, then becoming a Vegas Showgirl or a Drag Queen Showgirl may be the job for you.

Many of the best Las Vegas showgirls are actually transgender women. The reason is that because in order to become a showgirl, one must be very tall and have a strong physique, and many transgender women happen to possess these qualities.



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Your friend,

Jamie Young

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